Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for New Business

When a new business is launched in Union City, the Chamber will help to organize a ribbon cutting ceremony or grand opening event. Why? To help you start off with a bang!

Chamber of Commerce staff and ambassadors are available to help you make all the arrangements. We can:

  • Announce your ceremony to the Chamber Board and City officials.
  • Send invitations to local business leaders via our e-mail newsletter.
  • Provide Ambassadors to help you and your guests at the event.
  • Provide giant scissors, red ribbon, and set-up a group for a great photo.
  • Build awareness of your new business and ensure that everyone has a good time!

To get started, contact the Union City Chamber of Commerce at 510-952-9637 to schedule a date and time for your event.


Congratulations to Mizuho OSI who held their official Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting of their Customer Experience Center on Friday May 4, 2018. Their mission is to improve patient outcomes for people undergoing surgery with a vision of using intense customer focus, daring innovation and business excellence.