Economic Climate

An entrepreneurial spirit has characterized Union City from its earliest days, when it was settled and developed by business owners. Proximity to the San Francisco Bay has always made it an ideal shipping locale, and now unparalleled transportation options simplify shipping or commuting to San Francisco, Oakland, or Silicon Valley. Thus, manufacturers, farmers, retailers and other businesses have all grown prosperous calling Union City home.

The City’s business community includes leaders in the Biotechnology industry, such as Axygen and Abaxis. It’s central Bay Area location makes Union City the choice of major distributors and logistics companies, like Southern Wine and Spirits, Anatech, and California Supply.

Numerous services are available to support business travel, including meeting and conference facilities at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The City boasts hundreds of restaurants – from T.G.I.Fridays, to Krispy Kreme, to Texas Roadhouse, to Buffalo Wild Wings. Its role as one of the country’s most diverse communities has encouraged international restaurant chains to open branch locations, such as Gerry’s Grill, Andersen’s Bakery, and In-and-Out Burger.

Union City is a responsive community known for its business-friendly, make-it-happen attitude. Local companies are served by a proactive municipal team that developed the vibrant Union Landing retail center, and is also helping to revitalize the Alvarado Historic District. This pedestrian-friendly, transportation-oriented, mixed-use downtown district has a coffee shop that offers music and entertainment, boutiques, restaurants, and various other businesses.

The City of Union City is committed to supporting locally based businesses. Expedited processing, site location assistance, industrial development bonds, and employee recruitment and training incentives are just some of the advantages of location in Union City. An active and involved Chamber of Commerce makes networking easy, and adds important value to the City’s already supportive business environment.

With the help of the City and the community, businesses have ample opportunities to thrive. Union City’s future is bright, as its centralized location continues to make it an attractive hub for commerce.